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Suitable picture books for aged 3-6,
storybooks for Primary 1 to Primary 6 children,
and storybooks for Secondary school teenagers.
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Books are very important in one’s quest for knowledge and gaining insight. They are especially important to children in their forming years 2 years old onwards. As they progress to identifying their ABCs and linking items to their names, books are often introduced to nurture in the child the love of flipping books and amazing world of stories conjured by every author known in the world. This page is dedicated to parents who are trying to find suitable books for their children to read and perhaps you, a parent may find some of the books so interesting and nurturing that you will buy them to keep them.

I love these picture books not only for their beautiful illustrations that speaks a lot more than the one single sentence, but also the hidden message/messages that are being revealed or discovered as one starts to read.

If you can, do find time to read the books to them, enter the exciting world of words, pictures and most importantly, the world your child is in –fun, imaginative, colourful, peaceful and more. Your child will not only remember the book, they will remember the time you spent with them.

► Pre-school

I call these book, "small, baby books". Few words, with big and colourful pictures. Children love them and can read or listen to them time and time again. Good for teaching them characters as these books often comes in a series, as well as basic knowledge of everyday behavior by the child. They can learn good behaviors and values through these books.

► Primary 1 and 2

These books have a storyline, the sentences often repeats itself to help the child understand and remember the meaning of each sentence. They seem easy but the idea of repetition goes a long way for the young ones.

► Primary 3 and 4

These books no longer repeats their sentence, and you will find that words becomes smaller and appears in short paragraphs. These books seeks to convey more values and help the children understand the world around them more as they grow up. Some of the books touch on the various aspects of emotional intelligence too. Pictures and words now share the space of the book equally.

► Primary 5 and 6

Model essays books are like a mantra to children of these age. They usually have a problem finding suitable books that will interest them. I will recommend them to start reading simple newspapers articles or short stories by local writers.

► Secondary (coming soon)

Coming soon!